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What is drop-shipment ?

"Drop-shipment" is a form of product distribution where by the retailer is out of stock and passes clients' orders directly to the supplier. The supplier then delivers directly to the final client, who remains in contact with the retailer.

What profit does the retailer make ?

The retailer makes a profit on the price difference between the wholesale price and the retail price.Using such a system helps a retailer to enlarge his product range by the 10,000 products available on

Can the client detect the resale ?

The final client receives his/her order without any documentation or packaging.

Is there any advertising material in the package?

The packages sent to your customer contain no adverts or any other material from

How can the selected products be displayed?

You can feature such articles by adding them to your product catalogue, while remaining sure about available stock. You can also display them in your shop window or put them online on your website.

How can I activate this service ?

You need a seasonsway dropshipping account, also known as a "My Dropshipping" account.For Creating an account ClickHere . Simply fill in the address book with delivery addresses that you wish to have your orders sent to.

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Who sends out the orders ?

Delivery to the final client is ensured by Seasonsway. The retailer is not involved in the delivery of goods.

How long does delivery take ?

Once the retailer has settled the payment with Seasonsway, the client orders will be dispatched within 48 hours.

Is it possible to obtain a list of products and the delivery charges for each product ?

It is possible - in agreement with your commercial agent - to provide you with a csv file with all our products, their availability and the standard delivery cost per unit.

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Payment Terms for this service ?

There are twotypes of account for this service-

1. Free Account

You are registered free of charge.The retailer pays Seasonsway on receiving the order; thus, shipment of the ordered product begins after 24 hours .

2. Prepaid Account

Retailer maintain a Prepaid balance in retailer places a order, the amount of order gets deducted from the prepaid balance and the shipment of the ordered product begins after 24 hours .

How is the payment completed ?

On one hand the final client pays the retailer, and on the other, the retailer pays Seasonsway; thus, shipment of the ordered product begins.

What are the different methods of payment ?

There are two available methods of payment; you can either pay by credit card ,Debit Card, Net Banking or by Bank Transfer.

Is there a minimum order amount ?

There is no minimum order amount to use the dropshipment service.

Is there a recommended retail price ?

No, the indicated prices on the site correspond to the catalogue prices.

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What are the after sales policies ?

Seasonsway-offers free delivery & returns as standard and a 30 day free returns policy on all purchases!

Does drop-shipment affect the General Terms &Conditions of the sale ?

The terms and conditions of the sale remain unchanged: return policy, cancellation period ...

What is the After-sales Service policy with regards to drop-shipment ?

Seasonsway's conditions remain the same for retailers and professional clients. As a retailer - within the terms of drop-shipment agreement -, you alone will be in contact with your clients. Therefore, it is up to you to contact the Seasonsway after-sales support if necessary. At no point will Seasonsway contact your clients directly.

How are After-Sales support processed ?

All After-Sales support requirement from one of your customers and a product ordered from is processed in the following manner: Your customer request the support directly to you (we would remind you that the principles of dropshipment entail that does not have any contact with your customer). You will then contact the support team of ours and we will proceed with the After-Sales support whatever required. After-Sales Support are offered directly to you and not directly to your customer for logistical security reasons.

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